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Established in the UK in 1973 and now with divisions in South East Asia and the USA, Brooks enjoys a well-deserved international reputation as a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality engineered products.

Who Are We

Who are we?

Brooks group of companies specialize in the manufacture of high precision gears, conveyor chains and adapted transmission chains.

We have established a customer base supplying industries that require a high quality product, good design advice, excellent technical support and reliable after sales service.

Brooks Andell was established as the south east asia assembly plant in 2005. Industries that use our products include Theme Parks, Steel Production, Off Shore Oil Pipe Laying, Motor Car Assembly Plants, Palm Oil Plantations, Sugar Cane Processing Plants and Refineries, Glove Making and High Temperature Insulation Manufacturing, to name just a few.

Why Malaysia?

The locality enables Brooks Andell to be a major supplier to the Palm Oil Industry both in Malaysia, Indonesia and other SEA countries. Apart from supplying chains and chain wheels, the company provides a much needed support in the form of pre-design advice, customer contract inspection visits, mill commissioning and onsite training. These added services give the customer the confidence in the product and help in extending the life of the chain. Brooks Andell provides an overall package giving full support and customer satisfaction.

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